Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places...

I'm back, and before you ask, I had a wonderful time. There is no place in the world like Costa Rica and I sure as hell can't go back to regular Canadian coffee now. Just in case you care, the song played on my Ipod the most throughout my little excursion was 'Freebird' for some reason. I was very sad to leave, and just to prove that life is never short of it's poetic moments, some guy was playing 'Dust in the Wind' on an acoustic guitar as I boarded the plane in the terminal in San Jose. Crazyness. Upon my return, they had killed off my favourite TV character.(Grrr, yes, I care immensely, make fun of me later.) However, on the flip side, I see things are looking up, as Kristi has set up shop again. Hopefully, things work out better for her the second time around and I wish her all the best, as always. That being said, I hope I didn't lose my loyal readers, if any, to far greater bloggers than I. I'm still here, I promise. Okay, on to the music.

Since I've been back, my head has been in a weird place and the best thing that I can take is your token, trippy, mellow, floaty stuff usually done by a British band. So here is one of my favourite prime examples. Who can deny the catchiness of Wires? Don't tell me you don't love it.

Athlete - Tourist
Track List:
1. Chances
2. Half Light
3. Tourist
4. Trading Air
5. Wires
6. If I Found Out
7. Yesterday Threw Everything At Me
8. Street Map
9. Modern Mafia
10. Twenty Four Hours
11. I Love

It's time to tell you honestly, so we can alter history

Bear with me, until I get back to simulated normalcy.