Sunday, October 15, 2006

You’re the piece of gold that flushes all my soul

I apologize for my recent hiatus, I've been a lot busier in Ottawa than I thought I would be. I am not dead or vanished, although it is unlikely I will be able to keep posting at a regular pace. So whenever I think there's something you really need to hear, this place'll be updated. Assuming I have any readers left at all. *Gropes blindly into the darkness* Now, you may or may not already have this album, but I finally picked up a puchased copy of the debut EP from the delightfully Canadian Controller.Controller.

Controller.Controller - History
Track List:
1. .......
2. History
3. Silent Seven
4. Sleep Over It
5. Bruised Broken Beaten
6. Disco Blackout
7. Watch

You're in for mass distraction

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