Friday, December 09, 2005

Be Excited, Be Be Excited!

Thanks a lot for the 234546 copies of 'Every Day I Love You Less and Less' sent to be by the populous. Now here it is for the rest of you to love.
M.I.A. - Every Day I Love You Less and Less
Thank you also for the information about Aeternal. I shall be posting the full album Requiem for a Dream: Remixed once I obtain it. You people rock my socks.

I found this the other day, apparently there was some kind of contest, to make new trailers for movies, but make them seem like a completely different genre. Only sound and music could be modified. The winning one was this awesome cut of the Shining. For all who have seen/read The Shining, this is absolutely hilarious.
Here's two that make Titanic and West Side Story look like horror movies. Funny shit.
More music later.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's clear to see that you've become obsessed...

I've only got a few minutes today, so I leave you with a fantastic piece of music. Anyone who knows me knows my adoration for the film Requiem for a Dream, and upon searching for the brilliant score to this film, I came upon this track, not sure who it was mixed by, but I've heard it was Oakenfold. As the original was done by Clint Mansell and the Kronos quartet, that's what I've got it tagged as. Not sure on the accuracy of the name either, but if anyone has more info, please, please send it my way.

Also, if anyone has M.I.A's fantasic cover of 'Every Day I Love You Less and Less' could you be my hero and send it to

Thank you muchly.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Well, my verdict on Harry Potter 4 is fan-fucking-tastic, but could it really be anything else? However, I'd like to express my distaste at Gary Oldman only being present in the fire-face variety. That movie needs more Gary, all movies do. Another question I have is, why is Harry Potter inexplicably ripped? The kid's supposed to be like 14 and he's got muscles from here till Thursday. I do admit to having a teenage girl crush on both Cedric Diggory and Viktor Krum. Can you blame me?
Rating: 4 frilly dress robes out of 5
They're Stylin'They're Stylin'They're Stylin'They're Stylin'

Well, it's gotta be one of those Canadian winters because I'm freezing my ass off up here. It's times like this I wish I lived in Mexico...or even California.
In the spirit of wishing I was in warmer climates here are a bunch of songs about California:
Phantom Planet - California
Soul Kid #1 - More Bounce (In California)
Eagles - Hotel California
Billy Bragg & Wilco - California Stars
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Amen - California's Bleeding
Copeland - California
Dressy Bessy - California
Sprung Monkey - So Cal Loco

Any ones I missed? Send 'em over to

P.S. Ads? Why yes, I have ads!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Well, I'm semi-back online after many arduous hours of plugging and unplugging wires. I don't how long I will or won't be online, so until I've figured this out, please be patient with me.