Friday, June 30, 2006

A messed up state of the world, of late

I'm very sorry about the lack of posting lately, I've been extremely busy lately. I hope this makes up for it. I got a request for this album a little while ago. Elk-Lake Serenade is full of gorgeous acoustic guitars to back of lyrics you actually want to listen to.

Hayden - Elk-Lake Serenade
Track List:
1. Wide Eyes
2. Home By Saturday
3. Woody
4. This Summer
5. Hollywood Ending
6. Robbed Blind
7. Killbear
8. Through the Rads
9. Starting Over
10. Don't Get Down
11. Roll Down That Wave
12. My Wife
13. 1939
14. Elk-Lake Serenade
15. Looking Back to Me

All the old ones don't mean a thing if you don't sing

On another note, it's my dad's birthday, so here is his favourite song:
Simon & Garfunkel - I Am A Rock

Cheers all!