Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Time Ahead is all You've Got

Well, although I've been the worst blogger in the history of the world as of late, I felt the need to celebrate. Lost On Purpose is one year old today! Awwww, it's still one cute baby, I know. Still unsure if I have anyone still out there, but dammit, I'll still celebrate. *throws confetti in the air*

For this very special of occasions, here's a little something for everybody.

Those who know me know I'm very much in love with Ted Leo. Age difference, schmage difference. I saw him open for Death Cab for Cutie last month and was extremely close to kidnapping him and keeping him in my house against his will. If you're not convinced after listening to Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone, I will be at a complete loss. Plus, The Anointed One may be a possible Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference. Maybe I'm just a nerd.

TL+RX - Hearts of Oak
Track List:
1. Building Skyscrapers in the Basement
2. Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?
3. I'm A Ghost
4. The High Party
5. Hearts of Oak
6. The Ballad of the Sin Eater
7. Dead Voices
8. The Anointed One
9. Bridges, Squares
10. Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead
11. 2nd Ave, 11AM
12. First to Finish, Last to Start
13. The Crane Takes Flight

You can't make a sound from six feet underground

Other Ted awesomeness:
TL+RX - Since U Been Gone/Maps
TL+RX - Timorous Me

Canadian punk cuties the Flatliners have to be the most adorable guys to ever play their genre (call it what you may) of music. I attended a performance of theirs in the dirtiest, grittiest tiniest basement for a punk show ever and had a fantastic time, minus the claustrophobia. I'm sure they'll forgive me for giving you a little sample:

The Flatliners - Destroy to Create
The Flatliners - Fred's Got Slacks
The Flatliners - Bad News

I'm pretty sure I've posted about The Dears before, but I've been on a recent Dears kick because of the performance I attended last Tuesday evening, that I absolutely loved. And, as I've often mentioned, Montreal bands are a weakness of mine. Plus, they're just so darn cute.
The Dears - No Cities Left
Track List:
1. We Can Have It
2. Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe?
3. Lost in the Plot
4. The Second Part
5. Don't Lose the Faith
6. Expect the Worst/'Cos She's a Tourist
7. Pinned Together, Falling Apart
8. Never Destroy Us
9. Warm and Sunny Days
10. 22: The Death of All the Romance
11. Postcard from Purgatory
12. No Cities Left

I Shall Avenge the Death of All the Romance Until I'm Gone

I obtained this CD simply on the strength of The Boat Song, but the entire album is worth checking out. Garbage Day and Whatever Happened to the Girl in Me are also some favourites. I have an inkling that Ike Reilly would put on a great live show (can anyone verify?) so I have fingers crossed that he will someday make it to Ottawa.

The Ike Reilly Assassination - Sparkle in the Finish
Track List:
1. I Don't Want What You Got (Goin' On)
2. Holiday in NY
3. It's Alright to Die
4. Whatever Happened to the Girl in Me?
5. The Boat Song (We're Getting Loaded)
6. Garbage Day
7. Our Lady of Arturo
8. Ballad of the Choir Boy Robber
9. Waitin' for Daddy
10. St. Joe's Band
11. The Ex-Americans

With your open smiles and your open throttles

I am still open for requests, suggestions, whatever. Insomnia can be a powerful motivator.

Cheers all. Rock on! (too cliche?)