Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Could Never Publish My Love...

I leave for a little excursion to Costa Rica in 9 days, so I'm really busy right now. I believe I'm returning on either March 18th or 19th, so I'm not leaving forever, just to clarify.

While digging through my Inbox, I found this little EP in the mail. I think Eric did a post of this a little while back, but what the hell. I must say, I (like pretty much every other blogger I read) am usually drawn to music that isn't conventional, and this certainly fits the mold. You can just kick back and space out for a good ten minutes. Although this isn't the best that Stationary Odyssey has come up with, (that being More or Less is More) this is certainly worth a listen.
Perpetual of the Retired Evermore EP
1. Perpetual of the Retired Evermore
2. Aiming at the Blur
3. Song 6 (Unreleased)
4. Uh (Rehearsal)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Don't Think About It, It's Only Pretend

To those interested: Kristi informed me that she has cancelled her blog because it had become something that she didn't want it to be. However, if she finds things that she really wants posted, she will send it my way. Just remember people, we keep and maintain these blogs for ourselves, not just for you. So far, I have not encountered the same problems that she did, and hopefully that's the way it stays.

I feel substantially less guilty than normal for posting this album because I know how very hard it is to find, but if you like Make Me Pretty, I highly recommend buying Darby and Joan, the latest fantastic release from Gentleman Reg.

Gentleman Reg - Make Me Pretty
Track List:
1. Statement
2. Give Me the Chance to Fall
3. Make Me Pretty
4. You're So Alone
5. Two Boys in Love
6. Heat
7. Trust Your Love
8. Brother How
9. Hard to Speak
10. The Three Most Important Girls
11. Telling You is Something
12. Bless this Heart
13. Anthem for Self-Confidence

Just sit in my bedroom and admire the view

Now here is possibly the most lucrative and completely unnecessary live covers ever. Possibly the two most un-disco-ish people ever covering the Bee Gees. Dynamite!
Ozzy Osbourne & Dweezil Zappa - Stayin' Alive