Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Get It All Now, Cause I'm On The Prowl

If you're one of the zero people who has not checked out the leak for At War with the Mystics, get out from under your rock and head here.
At War With the Mystics
I was on a drugless high (and likely still am) for many many hours upon first hearing, and you should be too. I can die happy now.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone whos paired up out there. If however, you're like me and alone on this day, go out and get your favourite movie and curl up on the couch. Or hit the bars. Either one.
Here's a V-Day treat for you: another album that continues to be in my rotation despite being released in 2003 because it's just that darn good.

Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love
Track List:
1. Remember
2. That Great Love Sound
3. Noisy Summer
4. The Love Gang
5. Let's Rave On
6. Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)
7. Love Can Destroy Everything
8. Heartbreak Stroll
9. Little Animal
10. Untamed Girls
11. Chain Gang Of Love
12. The Truth About Johnny
13. New York Was Great

This Is Whiplash Rock N' Roll

Since I have every faith in the world in French-Canadian bands, particularly from Montreal and if you take the time to send me a sonewhat lengthy email, as vocalist Patrick Pleau did, your songs will get heard. Plus, I'm happy to give anyone an audience, as long as they don't suck or make my ears bleed. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I really like Plajia, anything that reminds me of Pink Floyd and Radiohead gets a thumbs up in my books. Here are the songs recommended to me by Mr. Pleau:
Plajia - Sleeping
Plajia - The Party
Plajia - Am I A Magician?(Flaming Lips-esque title+Good Song=Solid!)

Cheers All!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

We've Got a Winner!

Rapidshare seems to have sent up the white flag to me, so you may have noticed more albums being posted. This may be because of my general lazyness or you guys just like 'em so much. Who knows.

Since I gather this didn't post well the first time, here's a repost.

Requiem for a Dream:Remixed

Track List:
1. Clint Mansell - Tappy's Intro (Film Score)
2. Plant - In the End It's All Nice
3. Psilonaut - Ghosts in the Machine
4. Paul Oakenfold - Aeternal
5. Clint Mansell - Seacoast Towers (Film Score)
6. Jagz Kooner - Coney Island Express
7. Clint Mansell - Seacoast Alarm (Film Score)
8. Wish FM - Haunted Dreams
9. Kronos Quartet - Tense
10. Josh Wink - Full Tense
11. Clint Mansell - Food (Film Score)
12. Delirium - Deluxed
13. Clint Mansell - Island (Film Score)
14. A Guy Called Gerald - Body and Fear
15. Clint Mansell - 112 (Film Score)
16. Ils - Overturned
17. Clint Mansell - Sara (Film Score)
18. Hive - Hand Jive
19. Clint Mansell - Arnold (Film Score)
20. Clint Mansell - Ghosts (Vocal Version)

Techno-tastic Take Two!
Let me know if there are any problems this time around...

The Cansecos album coming as soon as I can find it...