Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New York is cold, but I like where I'm living

Still patiently waiting for At War With the Mysics to leak...April can't come soon enough

I recieved an email not too long ago from Finian McKean, whom you may know from the fantastic former indie rock offering, The Push Kings, then known as Finn Moore Gerety. He has now branched out on his own and we are all the better for it. He very thoughtfully sent me a copy of his new CD in the mail, with a note telling me to "turn it up" which of course, I did and was not disappointed. "Shades are Drawn" is thoughtful, draws you in and holds your attention throughout. A little rocking, a little haunting and a sure-fire way to let your mind wander. The entire album screams New York and a longing for escape from it. My personal favourite is "Black Hole." I'm sure Mr. McKean would love to hear comments from you, so drop him a line.

Finian McKean - Shades are Drawn
Finian McKean - Oh, My Heart is Heavy
Finian McKean - Black Hole

Pick Up "Shades are Drawn"

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Arrival and the Reunion

I'm still trying to organize my life, so sorry for the delays. I promise I'll sort through each and every email when I'm less crazy. Well, still the same amount of crazy, but less stressed

Since you must be either deaf or crazy if you don't like DCD, this is for you:

Dead Can Dance - A Passage in Time
Track List:
1. Saltarello
2. Song of Sophia
3. Ullyses
4. Cantara
5. The Garden of Zephirus
6. Enigma of the the Absolute
7. Wilderness
8. The Host of Seraphim
9. Anywhere Out of the World
10. The Writing on my Father's Hand
11. Severance
12. The Song of the Sybil
13. Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book
14. In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One-Eyed are Kings
15. Bird
16. Spirit

Lost Within the Security of Our New Found Wealth

P.S. This has gotta be one of my favourite album covers ever. It's so simple and complex at the same time.

You may now continue with your lives.