Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me...

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest yesterday (and still managed to get in free although it sold out all night) and I just have to say, even if you're not a scary Johnny Depp obsessive like myself, everyone will love this movie. Although not quite on par with the first, the action is amped up, the stakes are a great deal higher and the story has a much more sinister undertone. Look forward to the fantastic Johnny/Orlando Bloom/Jack Davenport sword fight. I won't reveal the ending, but I just have to say, I was blown away. I'm no movie critic, but if you saw the first one, POTC:2 is worth checking out.

5 Davy Jones tentacles out of 5

Feel free to post opinions about the flick.


Jim said...

I saw this last night and was distinctly unimpressed unfortunatly. Loved the first film, but this one was poorly written, badly acted and way too long. The only good things in it were Davy Squidface Jones, that afforementioned swordfight, and obviously Johnny Depp, who I love as much as a hetrosexual man can.

I still utterly fail to see the appeal of Orlando Bloom, he is so wooden he actually managed to make Keira Knightley look good.

It was still much better than Superman Returns right enough.

Anonymous said...

just saw it, ooh cliffhanger!

Anonymous said...


I saw Pirates 2 last night, and my first comment is that the movie has amazing sound. The visuals are great too, with seamless integration of CG and excellent costume work. The plot, in my opinion, left a good deal to be desired, it had no resolution, and felt like it dragged on, as the movie was two and a half hours in length. Some of the scenes and dialogue felt unnecessary to the plot development as well, which allowed me to exchange text messages with hot girls here and there without disrupting my understanding of the movie in any way. Pirates 2 is still worth your $10 to go and see on the big screen. The experience is great, the scary parts will allow you to clutch tightly to your curvaceous date and bury your head in her bosom, and and sensual albeit scurvy based sexual tension between Johannes Depp and Kiera Knightley will not only confuse you, but turn you on in very small amounts. Pirates 2 receives a very good 7.5 dusty rum bottles out of 10: it's not quite as good as the first, but it contains some good humor, a couple of relatively deep characters, and although her teeth are black, I wouldn't have second thoughts about showing that psychic hoodo/voodo lady how to go six rounds of the horizontal hustle. See this movie if you can! - C-Killa